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Clear the mind, Free the body, Return to the heart. Release and Empower by Julia Aziz

by Julia Aziz

2021 is off to quite a start, and the relentlessness of the collective stress is a lot to be present with in ourselves and with each other. If there was ever a time to receive more of what truly renews us as helping professionals, this is it.

So I say, bring on the self-care, and the support and accountability for receiving as well as you give. The Release & Empower group has several spots open right now, so if you give a lot of your attention to others, and you’re craving both connection and some space for your own process, check it out here. (Note: while this group is held over video call, we spend very little time in front of the screen.)

Julia Aziz has created a unique and supportive structure that beautifully combines writing, movement and authentic listening in a small group setting. It is a positive and healing container for participants to work, grow, and heal, and Julia directs a focused exploration that allows each participant to journey at their own pace. I highly recommend her group.

This group has made me a stronger woman. It came at just the right time in my life, and I feel so lucky to have found it when I did.

The Release and Empower group is a sacred healing circle. Each of the women in the group follows her own needs, wisdom and guidance within a circle of support. We don’t give one another advice, rather we witness and by our compassionate presence, support one another to listen deeply to our own hearts and connection with Source. Julia skillfully and compassionately leads us in such a beautiful and powerful process, and I leave each session feeling lighter and more in touch with my own wisdom and with the presence of love and support. While this group happens online, it is not like any other video call. We genuinely connect in our energetic heart space rather than trying to go through the screen. I am receiving so much benefit, support and growth through my participation. Now is our time to heal, empower and love ourselves and our world, and I invite others to join us!

To kick off the new year, I’m offering special discounts:

  • 30$ off your first month of a month-to-month subscription
  • Or $100 off a four-month commitment if you sign up in January.

Just tell me you heard about the group on AWC when you set up an inquiry call and I’ll get you set up. And feel free to share with other women who give a lot of emotional care to others and who are mature, self-reflective people. 

Be well out there, dear colleagues! I’m glad we are in this together.

Julia Aziz, LCSW-S. Holistic Psychotherapist

Julia Aziz, LCSW-S, Rev., holistic psychotherapist, Jewish ordained interfaith minister, faculty at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, and author of Lessons of Labor and When You’re Having a Hard Time: The Little Book That Listens