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Asking for Help from the Community

Courtney L Harris

By Courtney Harris

Courtney Harris is a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Parenting Coach Academy trainer. Courtney utilizes experiential activities to guide parents through their ongoing process of being in a relationship with their child. EVERYONE deserves to know and appreciate their true power starting in childhood. She offers individualized life coaching for teens, young adults, and their parents. She also provides and birth work coaching.

This transformational work impacts entire family systems, and since her first year as an educator, Courtney has created space for all young people to feel affirmed, supported, and seen.

If you are feeling lost or stuck, Courtney is here to help you find the path back into communication, connection, and trust. We can’t hold it all and we need guidance to know what needs tending to. Read more on Courtney’s blog about how you can ask for help.