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Follow Your Pleasure – Special Event – Feb 8th

Special Event Notice!

Follow Your Pleasure: Austin Women’s Circle

Tuesday, February 8, 2022 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

by Nicole Siegel of Body Compass: Pleasure Coaching & Bodywork

Women’s circles are gatherings for women with the aim of creating a safe place for women to commune and share what is alive for them. It is a nonjudgmental, non-goal oriented space where women have the opportunity to be witnessed in whatever way they need most. This event is for all women identified folks.

❤️ Come as you are, you are so welcome here. ❤️

Nicole is a pleasure coach and bodyworker located in Austin and Houston, Texas. Through group and one on one sessions, her aim is to help others find peace in their bodies. Through years of her own personal work, she has found vitality in life through corporeal experience and sensation. Many therapeutic practices try to mend our wounds in the mind, completely ignoring the incredible tool we possess in the soma. Our bodies have the amazing ability to digest experiences, self-regulate with a few simple practices, and to experience PLEASURE. What an amazing gift. We have the duty to ourselves and to those around us to live a life brimming with pleasure.

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