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When fear ignites gratitude

Laura Sanders, LMT, LE

By Laura Sanders, LMT, LE

Laura is the Owner and Primary Practitioner for Elevate Holistics, a holistic spa in South Austin specializing in bodywork and skincare. Her intuitive healing and natural desire to care for others keeps her client-focused and striving to be a leader in women’s wellness.

Laura writes about the uncertainty that we’re all facing as we’re getting through the COVID-19 pandemic. She reminds us, fear is not the only option:

When we look around at the situation we are in, the word that comes to mind is uncertainty. We hear it a lot, mostly as a euphemism that we are headed for “uncertain times”.

I’d like to invite you into the notion that our certainty has not been taken from us, primarily because it never existed in the first place. What has been lifted is our illusion of certainty.

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