Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Integrative Practitioner

& Founder @ Flourish! Mindful Psychotherapy & Nutrition

For me, the best part of being a therapist is watching clients develop a sense of ease and blossom into their most authentic and beautiful selves. I do my best to create a judgment-free space so everyone feels comfortable, heard and safe to explore memories, experiences, thoughts, stressors, and/or behaviors.

My specialty is treating clients who have symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disorders as well as those experiencing chronic stress and challenges in their relationships. I see these clients as one whole person which means I do not buy into labels / diagnoses or that the brain is solely responsible for their suffering.

I hold a BSW and MSSW from the University of Texas at Austin and certifications as a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I find mindfulness, interpersonal neurobiology (IPBNB), PolyVagal and Attachment theories, somatic experiencing, functional nutrition and integrative medicine endlessly fascinating and am happy to share any or all of these models and tools with you to help you feel healed and nourished. The common thread connecting all I do is the vagus nerve and I do my best to stay on the cutting edge of science and treatment for this all important multi-branched nerve that serves as the information superhighway of the Gut-Brain Axis.

I am a board approved LCSW Supervisor in Texas and also an LCSW in Colorado.

When I am not working or learning I love to cook, take long walks with my pups, hang at the beach, indulge in comedy that makes me laugh so much my cheeks hurt and practice meditation and Kundalini yoga nearly everyday.

Flourish! is open for video and phone services during COVID-19 pandemic for established and new clients.

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Cyndi Collen: Psychotherapist, LCSW Supervisor, Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider.
Cyndi Collen