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More Self Love, Baby Girl

Heather, The Energy Synergist

Submitted By Heather Rider,

Heather Rider, “The Energy Synergist”, is a former overworked, overstressed perfectionist. She is a trained energy healer, Reiki Master and spiritual teacher.

She writes:

Self-care has become a popular phrase in our society. We’re supposed to take time for ourselves: take a bath with candles, eat healthy, get enough sleep, meditate.

I fully embrace the concept of self-care and subscribe to the practice as much as possible.

Self-love however, is way more important than self-care, and isn’t really talked about much at all, at least from what I’ve seen.

Self-love is essentially having compassion for yourself. It is the practice of relating to yourself with love and kindness, without judging yourself or criticizing yourself.

It’s the art of not regretting your decisions, or labeling them as “mistakes.”

It’s the art of not fretting over the things you wish you did or think you should have done.

It’s important to give ourselves some slack, to not be so hard on ourselves. Treat yourself with kindness and know that everything happens for a reason and that you are doing to the best you can.