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Mantras of Bad B-tches

Introducing Jenna Valentine’s Book: Mantras of Bad B*tches!

Dr. Jenna Valentine is one of Austin’s Acupuncturists and Wellness practitioners helping people live healthier lives.

Jenna offers acupuncture, cupping therapy and TuiNA body work services to help her patients reach their healing goals. She also utilizes her psychology background and training to provide in-depth intimacy coaching to individuals & couples looking to enhance their relationships with others and with the self.

Jenna’s work goes beyond one-on-one consultations and Traditional Chinese Medicine, recently she added an online shop where she offers guasha tools, oils, vitamins and her latest offerings Aggressive Self Care Cards …and her book Mantras of Bad B*tches.

Jenna shares her inspiration for writing Mantras of Bad B*tches:

I was motivated to write this book because on one hand, I kept hearing why people “couldn’t” mediate or were “bad” at it. On the other hand, I kept getting irritated by what I’ve been calling a “spiritual smugness” that fosters a pretentiousness and alienates people who would benefit from spiritual practices but don’t want to affiliate with all that unnecessary extra crap.

Dr. Jenna Valentine

So, if you haven’t yet included meditation or mantras in your life definitely check it out. Get Jenna’s perspective on meditation and help boost your daily sanity & #mentalhealth

Get your copy today on her website:

*An ebook version is also available: