Taking Care in Texas

by Paula Bruno Paula Bruno, Ph.D., L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the state of Texas (Lic. #AC01865). An AOBTA® Certified Practitioner (American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia), Dr. Bruno integrates Chinese-style traditional Chinese bodywork therapy into her her treatment strategies. In the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri, she offers thoughts on […]

Managing Grief After a Betrayal

By Angela Jensen-Ramirez Angela Jensen-Ramirez, LCSW, is the owner and operator of ANEW Therapy, and she has been supporting people since 2003. She is passionate about helping people through counseling, advocacy, and emotional support. ​She is an attachment-oriented couples and individual therapist with an integrated approach of intimacy and sexual health. The reality is that […]

Enough already, and already it’s enough

By Julia Aziz What have you had enough of already? Julia has over twenty years of counseling experience and specializes in helping therapists, moms, and other emotional caregivers moving through their own anxiety, grief, and life transitions. She writes: December is all about more, not less, in our modern culture. Yet here we are at the end of the […]

On Grieving

By River Roaring River spent over 20 years as a trial attorney and lobbyist who owned her own law office by the courthouse. She walked away at the height of her career to fulfill her mission to support healthy sexuality and relationship. She is the founder of Uncage Love: Healthy Love, Sex & Intimacy Coaching […]

Emotional Eating In Isolation

By Evolve Therapy ATX At Evolve Therapy, you will experience a strengths-based approach to therapy, which acknowledges and capitalizes on the intelligent ways you manage and manifest your life. With identified areas of struggle, their therapists will collaboratively discover ways to further promote healing: feeling more creative, more self-assured, and teaching you to trust your […]